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U-Earn: Where Your Information Pays Off!

Empower Your Data, Enrich Your Wallet. With U-Earn, you control your personal information, ensuring you only get marketing from brands you care about. Furthermore, we believe that these brands and companies should reward YOU for the information you share. Answer surveys and quizzes and earn real rewards quick and easy.

How u-earn works

Whether you’re a user looking to earn rewards through surveys or quizzes or a business aiming to get in touch with their audience, learn how we work for you.

Your Data, Your Rules

U-Earn puts you in the driver’s seat of your personal data. Choose who gets access and when, keeping your information secure and private.

Earn rewards

With U-Earn, your personal information transforms into a revenue stream. Share selectively with brands you trust and earn rewards for your valuable data. Earn from data sales and win prizes alongside affiliate deals.

Safe and Secure Data Transactions

U-Earn prioritises your data’s security. Share with confidence, knowing your information is protected in every transaction.

Coming soon!
We’re going mobile!

Currently launched as a web application, we soon hope to release our mobile application, allowing our users to access u-earn on the go.

Join now and start earning!