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U-Earn is the only platform that will give people the opportunity to self-monetise their own personal data, delivering valuable user rewards.

How it works

With U-Earn no longer will your information be sold without your knowledge. We make sharing your information easy, our platform has been designed with you in mind.

Sign up for free
It’s quick and easy, creating a profile takes only a few minutes.

Control your information
Users are in control at all times of who they share precious personal information with.

Earn for Sharing
We reward customers whenever their personal information is used.

Sit back and earn cash rewards

U-Earn users earn rewards every time their profile matches a business searching for their ideal target audience. Users can give as much or as little information as they like but, the more they share, the more they earn; it really is that easy!

Take part in quizzes and surveys

U-Earn will release daily quizzes and videos, each response will earn you instant rewards. Share our platform with friends and family to earn more and climb our leaderboards to win amazing prizes.

Enjoy exclusive deals

Via our established business partnerships, U-Earn can offer users cash back rewards and discounted deals on anything from broadband to travel insurance and much, much more.

Join now and start earning!